Quinn is such a delightful child! Wednesday we pulled out some winter clothes and found a pair of Batman pajamas for Quinn. They were hand-me-downs from a friend and they even have a cape. He wore them to bed that night. Thursday he changed into them when he got home from school (at noon) and … Continue reading Batman

My Gift

One day last month Kip suggested that a blog would be a good thing to have now that our oldest daughter, Krista, is in college. His thinking is that we could share more of our lives with distant family through a blog. My thinking is that I really don't need another thing to do. So, … Continue reading My Gift

Ding Bats

Our new Family Blog--Ding Bats dĭng'bāts n 1: Slang. an eccentric, empty-headed or silly person 2: small ornaments, gadgets or symbols Every family has words or phrases that are unique to the family. For us, one of the those phrases is "Ding Bat". It is usually used with great affection and often combined with the … Continue reading Ding Bats