Does anyone have an idea how 24 plates that contained the Book of Ether in the Book of Mormon could have contained so much more information than our current English writing systems? The English version of this book is over 20 pages, and yet the content we have is an abridgment of a lot of … Continue reading

I have attempted over 2 months now to distill the concept and importance of priesthood keys for a general audience, and have failed. I wonder if anyone in western society thinks about the importance and concepts of authority any longer. Input welcome.

I would like to find a quote from some authority that expresses the idea that every virtue is moderated by another virtue; that kindness can't rob honesty, that diligence cannot impinge upon patience, and the opposite of each of those is also true.  Any suggestions for such a quote would be appreciated.

I'm not quite sure what the virtue name would be for one who perseveres, or endures. Diligent is more active, consistently but doesn't emphasize opposition. Assiduous maybe? Sedulous (which word I just learned)? Persistent? Open to suggestions.