I think this quote is quite intriguing: "The Savior is not dependent on food or water or oxygen or any other substance or power or person for life. Both as Jehovah and Messiah, He is the great I Am, the self-existing God. He simply is and ever will be." The Resurrection of Jesus Christ - … Continue reading

I realized how true the following verses are today recently, as I drove a highway along the Florida Keys. In times past, driving on land was very difficult. Water based travel was much, much faster. From about the time of this revelation, things have been changing such that land and air based travel seems to … Continue reading

Does anyone have an idea how 24 plates that contained the Book of Ether in the Book of Mormon could have contained so much more information than our current English writing systems? The English version of this book is over 20 pages, and yet the content we have is an abridgment of a lot of … Continue reading

Thought for the day from a work conversation. Patience is not a weakness; it's an enabling power for very hard things. It doesn't mean one does not know how to push; rather it means one can choose when to push, and when an objective is more likely if one chooses to be patience.

I realize believing this talk requires faith (just as every scientific theory requires a hypothesis which is effectively a statement of faith), but as I consider it numerous times over, I find the logic and reasoning is unassailable.  I agree the Resurrection is the most important event in the history of the world. The Resurrection … Continue reading

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can." (Arthur Ashe, American professional tennis player)  Doing so consistently requires believing that you can meet any challenge, resources are not scarce, and you can make a difference.

I believe that in the next life, we will know ourselves so well from our time in this life, that we will be allowed to choose what reward we will receive.  It's interesting to contemplate what restrictions some will place upon themselves, because what they learned about him or herself in this life. Doctrine and … Continue reading

This week I had a work task I haven't performed in a few years; I decided I was not naturally gifted at it and I should stop trying to do it. This talk challenged my thinking. What Manner of Men? - general-conference