Be Ye Therefore Perfect—Eventually

“My brothers and sisters, except for Jesus, there have been no flawless performances on this earthly journey we are pursuing, so while in mortality let’s strive for steady improvement without obsessing over what behavioral scientists call ‘toxic perfectionism.’ We should avoid that latter excessive expectation of ourselves and of others and, I might add, of … Continue reading Be Ye Therefore Perfect—Eventually

D&C 66:10 “Seek Not To Be Cumbered” Matt 6:34 “The Day Is Sufficient…”

Years ago when struggling with a problem at work, I looked for some guidance from what Covey and Merrill call "Wisdom Literature" (1), and found myself in the Doctrine and Covenants, revelations revealed to Joseph Smith the Prophet in founding The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For some reason I was led to … Continue reading D&C 66:10 “Seek Not To Be Cumbered” Matt 6:34 “The Day Is Sufficient…”

A great quote: "Speaking of eternity, let me ask you: Can you imagine living forever? What are you going to do? Get up in the morning and watch the ten millionth superbowl on TV . . . eat your 457 billionth pepperoni pizza? Really? What are you going to do for all those billions of … Continue reading

I believe that in the next life, we will know ourselves so well from our time in this life, that we will be allowed to choose what reward we will receive.  It's interesting to contemplate what restrictions some will place upon themselves, because what they learned about him or herself in this life. Doctrine and … Continue reading

A deeply insightful book.  Here's a simple quote from the Introduction: "Once I was invited over to a friend’s apartment to have a religious discussion with her friend who was an active member of another Christian faith. This woman turned out to be stridently anti-Mormon and was well equipped with all the standard biblical arguments … Continue reading