A deeply insightful book.  Here’s a simple quote from the Introduction:
“Once I was invited over to a friend’s apartment to have a religious discussion with her friend who was an active member of another Christian faith. This woman turned out to be stridently anti-Mormon and was well equipped with all the standard biblical arguments against the LDS religion. The discussion became somewhat contentious. I prayed that God would help me—the answer was immediate: “Why should I? You don’t love this person.” Well, I may be prone to error and fall into mischief quite quickly, but I repent fast. I changed my attitude. She responded in kind. The Spirit of God came into the discussion. We ended up having a delightful conversation which concluded in heartfelt prayer. I did not convert her and she did not convert me. But each of us made a new friend and each of us came away with a better understanding of the other. Something good can always come out of honest and sincere dialog if people humble themselves and turn their hearts to God, the great unifier.”

Amazon.com: Reflections on the Work of Christ: A Mormon Viewpoint eBook: Rodney Williamson: Books

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