Emotions vs. Intellect

Sun, Feb 23, 2014, 11:34 AM

This thought from Sterling W Sill speaks to the value or covenants.

“But when in my reading I come to some little nugget of an idea that sends a chill up and down my backbone and gives me an ambition to do something important, I take that out and put it in my idea bank, and then when I have time I memorize it.


But just notice some of these great lines: “God’s arm strike with us!” Or think of this one: “All things are ready if our minds be so.” If we just make up our minds, then usually we do not have very much else to worry about. Sometimes we cannot do that. I heard of a psychiatrist who asked a patient, “Do you ever have any trouble making up your mind?” And the patient said, “Well, yes and no.” We do not get very far in anything when we are in a “yes and no” state of mind. You students, if you would like to get good grades, just make up your minds about them. Just make a program and decide that you are going to stick to it.

At President Eisenhower’s first inaugural he said, “The great driving forces of the world are not intellectual, but emotional.” That is, how we feel about things. I walk three and a half miles to work every morning, which gives me about an hour in which I have nothing to do; and if I want to build spirituality or faith, I get those ideas and run them through my brain.”

May 01, 1977, BYU Fireside, Bottles and Books, Sterling W. Sill

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