Hiking in Arches National Park July 2013             Then we spent the afternoon on the Colorado River.   We had a fabulous time and will always remember getting caught on a rock.   Our guide fell off and Kip navigated us off the rock.  Great memory.    

Spring Break

Spring Break April 2012 Quinn decided we should put together all our puzzles.  It took us most of the week but we did it. We even bought a couple of new ones.     This new one is absolutely the hardest puzzle we have ever done. And--we are all sick of puzzles now.  

9 O’clock Emma

  Emma is a GREAT teenager. However, she gets a huge surge of energy every night around 9:00. Most nights all her mom wants to do is go to sleep at 9:00. 9 o'clock Emma does the splits, sings songs and thinks everything is really funny. She really is a great girl.