Topic Study: Zeniff and Nephite Migration

(May 2004 (Originally from Book of Mormon Seminary January 12, 1995)  IN Entry: Zeniff)


The following map depicts the travels of various parties in the Book of Mormon using a fairly standard LDS Chapel configuration.  Travel is chronological order to best explain what is happening.

  1. Start with Nephi’s travel from the Land of 1st Inheritance to Land of Nephi
  2. Then from Land of Nephi to Zarahemla under King Mosiah the 1st.
  3. Then Zeniff back to Land of Nephi
  4. Then Alma to Land of Helam
  5. (Meanwhile with Alma in Land of Helam) Ammon back to Land of Nephi
  6. Then Story of men looking for Land of Zarahemla, finding Jaredite bones (and back again to Land of Nephi)
  7. Then Limihi


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