Topic Study: Steadfast

(December 2003 TG Entry: Steadfast)

I             Steadfast and Immovable

The following references use these two words together.

Steadfast connotes something that has a purpose, and is firmly fixed to doing it.  Douglas Fredin, President of the Joliet Illinois Stake has said,

To be steadfast is to be firmly loyal, constant and unswerving.  To be immovable means to be unalterable, to be unyielding in principle, purpose, and adherence.  If we add scriptural context, where we are admonished to “continue” in steadfastness (D&C 49:23), presupposing movement or action, and warned not to “fall” from our steadfastness, (D&C 82:24), suggesting height or progress, to be steadfast indicates positive effort and direction along the straight and narrow path.  To be immovable in this context is to be resistant to counter forces and unshakeable from our gains.

Combining them in the race, we simultaneously have our eyes fixed upon the prize and moving forward, with our feet solidly on gospel sod, taking advantage of spiritual guidance while at the same time able to thwart the adversary [see 2 Ne. 31:20 “press forward with a steadfastness in Christ”].  These efforts need to be concurrent as opportunity and trial often present themselves together.  One of the most dramatic examples of this is Joseph’s experience in the sacred grove.  The sublime outcome could have been tragically different had he not been both steadfast in his purpose and immovable in his resolve.  He might have not courageously ventured forth had he not been steadfast or might have succumbed to the adversary’s attack had he not been unmovable.  (November 2003 Stake Conference Address, unpublished)

Other References

  • Ruth 1:18 she was steadfastly minded to go
  • Ps. 78:37 neither were they s. in his covenant
  • Dan. 6:26 he is the living God and s. for ever
  • Acts 2:42 continued s. in the apostles
  • Acts 7:55 looked up steadfastly into heaven, and saw the glory of God
  • Col. 2:5 s. of your faith in Christ
  • Heb. 2:2 if the word spoken by angels was s.
  • Heb. 3:14 hold … our confidence s. unto the end
  • Heb. 6:19 (Ether 12:4) as an anchor of the soul, both sure and s.
  • 1 Pet. 1:23 word of God … abideth for ever
  • 1 Pet. 5:9 Whom resist s. in the faith
  • 2 Pet. 3:17 beware lest ye … fall from your own s.
  • 2 Ne. 26:8 look forward unto Christ with s.
  • Mosiah 4:11 standing steadfastly in the faith
  • Alma 5:48 (Hel. 15:10) take away … the sins of every man who steadfastly believeth on his name
  • D&C 31:9 Govern your house in meekness, and be s.
  • See also John 8:31; Gal. 6:9; Philip. 3:14; Mosiah 4:30; Alma 34:40; Hel. 10:4.

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