Topic Study: Dating

(May 2005 TG Entry: Dating)

John Bytheway, in the October 2004 New Era said (p 41), “Remember, before you are married, you will be more respected and more attractive for the affection you withhold than for the affection you give.”

In the same issue (Oct. 2004 new Era) Sister Susan W. Tanner, YW General President, said she gave the following rules to her children about dating:

  1. Avoid the dangers of the dark. Stay in well-lit places—literally and figuratively. There’s wisdom to leaving the lights on—on the porch, in the living room, at the dance. And there’s safety in shunning places that feel dark in spirit.
  2. Beware the hazard of the horizontal. Don’t lie down together with a date. Just don’t do it—not to watch a movie or to read a book or to rest at a picnic.
  3. Remember the perils of privacy. Find public places to be alone. Learn to have your intimate talks where others are. There is great safety in being together where you can easily be interrupted.
  4. Modesty is a must. Everything about your appearance, your speech, and your demeanor should bespeak that you are a literal spirit son or daughter of Heavenly Father. If we truly understand the significance of our bodies in our Father’s plan, we will show great honor for our bodies. When you dress and act modestly, others will treat you with respect.

See also the following talks:

Bruce Hafen, October 1982 Ensign (Sept 1982 Devitional at BYU).  Holland “Souls, Symbols and Sacraments.” January 12, 1988 Devotional Address.

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