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I             Christ is the Word, or Word of God.

A title of God the Son, one title by which he shall be known at his second coming is “The Word of God”.  (Rev. 19:13 his name is called The W. of G.)  John also calls him simply “The Word” to begin his testimony  One explanation is that God the Father speaks the word, and His Son fulfills it, thus becoming the Word.  (Ps. 33:6 By the w. of the L. were the heavens made, Heb. 11:3 worlds were framed by the w. of G., 2 Pet. 3:5 by the w. of G. the heavens were of old).  But I think this explanation is perhaps incomplete.  I think there is more meaning to Him being referred to as “The Word of God” and the “Word” than that.

II            Holy Ghost can also be considered a Word of God

Christ is not the only member of the Godhead that can be considered the Word of God.  Listen to these scriptures about the Word of the Lord.  (Gen. 15:1) “w. of the L. came unto Abram.”  How would the Word of the Lord come unto Abram except through the Spirit?  Said another way, the Holy Ghost came to Abram.

Another scripture:  (1 Pet. 1:23) “born again … by the w. of G.”  Christ spoke of being born again by the water and the Spirit.

And what of the numerous occasions in the scriptures where the Holy Ghost bears witness to the word of God spoken with power and boldness? (Eph. 6:17 sword of the Spirit, which is the w. of G., Heb. 4:12 w. of G. is quick, and powerful 2 Ne. 1:26 sharpness of the power of the w. of G. Acts 4:31 they spake the w. of G. with boldness)

Whatever is said under the influence of the Spirit is also the word of the Lord.  (D&C 68:4 speak when moved upon by the Holy Ghost … shall be the w. of the L.)

Surely saying that in some ways the Holy Ghost is also the Word of God is not a stretch.

III           The Word of the Lord is Truth

There is another attribute of the Word of God that is important to consider before drawing some conclusions.  The scriptures clearly teach that the “w. of the L. is truth” (D&C 84:45).  Consider these additional attributes of the Word of God:  2 Kgs. 20:19 (Isa. 39:8) Good is the w. of the L., Ps. 12:6 words of the L. are pure w.,( Prov. 30:5 Every w. of G. is pure)  Ps. 33:4 w. of the L. is right, , 2 Tim. 2:9 w. of G. is not bound, 2 Thes. 3:1 w. of the L. may have free course 1 Pet. 1:25 w. of the L. endureth for ever, Rev. 17:17 until the w. of G. shall be fulfilled, (Mosiah 21:4 that the w. of the L. might be fulfilled) Virtuous (Alma 31:5 try the virtue of the w. of G.).

IV          God is His Word

The Word of the Lord is truth.  Christ is the Word, and therefore truth.  The Holy Ghost testifies of truth   Perhaps God the Father can also be considered His words in a way as well.

God thinks truth.  Every thought God has is true.

Imagine what that would mean.  Imagine the harmony that would be possible between the members of the Godhead if every thought each of them has is true.  Their wills could be in harmony in such a way that we cannot imagine because their thoughts are all truth.

So consider again the idea that Christ is the Word.  The scriptures teach that our thoughts and words define who we are.

For as [a man] thinketh in his heart, so is he:…(Prov. 23:7)

They also define God.  We are in the image of God, physically and spiritually.  Language has always been used as a test of intelligence.  Perhaps it is a test of our godliness.

So God’s thoughts and words must be powerful.  Part of that is because they are true.  Are they true because God thought them, or is it that God is so in tune with truth that those are the only kinds of thoughts God has?

V           Scriptures record the Word of God

God’s words are revealed to prophets  (Dan. 9:2 w. of the L. came to Jeremiah, Mal. 1:1 w. of the L. to Israel by Malachi, Luke 3:2 w. of G. came unto John)

Prophets record those words as the scriptures.  (D&C 68:4 speak when moved upon by the Holy Ghost … shall be the w. of the L., D&C 19:26 Book of Mormon, which contains … the w. of G. A of F 1:8 We believe the Bible to be the w. of G.)

We should seek the word of God.  (Hel. 3:29 lay hold upon the w. of G.)

  • 1 Kgs. 12:22 w. of G. came unto Shemaiah
  • Isa. 38:4 Then came the w. of the L. to Isaiah
  • Isa. 2:3 (Micah 4:2; 2 Ne. 12:3) w. of the L. from Jerusalem
  • Jer. 1:2 w. of the L. came in the days of Josiah
  • Jer. 6:10 w. of the L. is unto them
  • 1 Thes. 1:8 from you sounded out the w. of the L.
  • Alma 4:19 go forth among his people … that he might preach the w. of G.

VI          We Should Seek God’s Word


VII         Causes growth

God, His Son, and the Holy Ghost all think and speak the truth.  Things spoken or written under the influence of the Spirit are true.  The scriptures contain truth.  Our thoughts and words inspired by the Holy Ghost are true.  They can be the same thoughts God would have.  We can be in harmony with God in the same way He is in harmony with His Son, and with the Holy Ghost.

  • Luke 5:1 people pressed upon him to hear the w. of G.
  • Luke 8:11 seed is the w. of G.
  • Acts 8:14 heard that Samaria had received the w. of G.
  • Luke 8:21 my brethren are these which hear the w. of G.
  • Acts 11:1 Gentiles had also received the w. of G.
  • Acts 12:24 w. of G. grew and multiplied
  • Acts 13:7 Sergius Paulus … desired to hear the w. of G.
  • Acts 19:10 which dwelt in Asia heard the w. of the L.
  • Acts 19:20 mightily grew the w. of G.
  • Rom. 10:17 faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the w. of G.
  • Heb. 6:5 have tasted the good w. of G.
  • 1 Ne. 2:3 he was obedient unto the w. of the L.
  • 1 Ne. 15:24 hearken unto the w. of G., and would hold fast unto it
  • Jacob 6:7 nourished by the good w. of G.


VIII       The Words of God can be rejected

We will not know the truth if we reject the word of God.

  • Num. 15:31 he hath despised the w. of the L.
  • 1 Sam. 3:1 w. of the L. was precious in those days
  • 1 Sam. 3:21 Lord revealed himself to Samuel by the w. of the L.
  • Isa. 1:10 Hear the w. of the L., ye rulers of Sodom
  • Isa. 66:5 Hear the w. of the L., ye that tremble at his w.
  • Jer. 8:9 they have rejected the w. of the L.
  • Amos 8:11 famine … of hearing the w. of the L.
  • Amos 8:12 run to and fro to seek the w. of the L.
  • Mark 7:13 Making the w. of G. of none effect
  • Acts 6:2 not reason that we should leave the w. of G.
  • Rom. 9:6 Not as though the w. of G. hath taken none effect
  • 2 Cor. 2:17 not as many, which corrupt the w. of G.
  • 2 Cor. 4:2 nor handling the w. of G. deceitfully
  • Titus 2:5 w. of G. be not blasphemed
  • 1 Ne. 15:25 Nephi did exhort them to give heed unto the w. of the L.
  • 1 Ne. 17:35 this people had rejected every w. of G.
  • 2 Ne. 28:29 We have received the w. of G., and we need no more of the w. of G.
  • Alma 3:18 Amlicites knew not that they were fulfilling the w. of G.
  • Morm. 8:33 Why have ye transfigured the holy w. of G.


IX          Special Study of John

  • John 1:1 W. was with God, and the W. was God
  • John 1:14 W. was made flesh, and dwelt among us
  • John 5:38 ye have not his w. abiding in you
  • John 6:68 thou hast the w. of eternal life
  • John 8:31 continue in my w., then are ye my disciples
  • John 8:37 ye seek to kill me, because my w. hath no place in you
  • John 12:47 if any man hear my w., and believe not
  • John 12:48 w. that I have spoken, the same shall judge him
  • John 14:24 w. which ye hear is not mine
  • John 15:3 ye are clean through the w. which I have spoken
  • John 15:7 If … my w. abide in you, ye shall ask
  • John 17:6 they have kept thy w.
  • John 17:8 I have given unto them the w. which thou gavest me
  • 1 Jn. 1:1 our hands have handled, of the W. of life
  • 1 Jn. 1:10 we make him a liar, and his w. is not in us
  • 1 Jn. 2:5 whoso keepeth his w.
  • 1 Jn. 5:7 bear record in heaven, the Father, the W., and the Holy Ghost
  • Rev. 1:2 Who bare record of the w. of G.
  • Rev. 6:9 souls of them that were slain for the w. of G.
  • Rev. 3:8 thou … hast kept my w.
  • Rev. 19:13 his name is called The W. of G.
  • Rev. 20:4 witness of Jesus, and for the w. of G.
  • Rev. 21:5 Write:for these w. are true and faithful
  • Rev. 22:19 (Deut. 12:32) if any man shall take away from the w. of the book

The two books of scripture with the highest distribution of the word “Word” in all its form is 2 Nephi and Alma.  2 Nephi talks about scriptures, particularly in chapters 27 and 29.  Alma talks about the word of God and faith.

Actual # Table of Contents Rating Actual # Expected # Act – Exp # Total # Actual % Expected % Act – Exp % Total %
942  – Old Testament -8.6 942 1,246.60 -304.6 636,651 37.80% 50.10% -12.20% 50.10%
304  – New Testament -3.3 304 367.8 -63.8 187,826 12.20% 14.80% -2.60% 14.80%
41  – Pearl of Great Price -2.2 41 58.1 -17.1 29,665 1.60% 2.30% -0.70% 2.30%
240  – Doctrine and Covenants -1.3 240 261 -21 133,298 9.60% 10.50% -0.80% 10.50%
963  – Book of Mormon 17.3 963 554.4 408.6 283,152 38.70% 22.30% 16.40% 22.30%
13   + Revelation -2.3 13 24.6 -11.6 12,547 0.50% 1.00% -0.50% 1.00%
1   + 3 John 0.3 1 0.6 0.4 311 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
41   + John 0.4 41 38.8 2.2 19,797 1.60% 1.60% 0.10% 1.60%
147   + 2 Nephi 11.1 147 60.3 86.7 30,808 5.90% 2.40% 3.50% 2.40%
331   + Alma 12 331 173.2 157.8 88,433 13.30% 7.00% 6.30% 7.00%


  • 2 Ne. 3:11 seer … unto him will I give power to bring forth my w.
  • 2 Ne. 9:16 his eternal w., which cannot pass away
  • 2 Ne. 27:9 deliver the w. of the book which are the w. of those who have slumbered
  • 2 Ne. 27:32 make a man an offender for a w.
  • 2 Ne. 29:9 because that I have spoken one w. ye need not suppose that I cannot speak another
  • 2 Ne. 31:15 w. of my Beloved are true and faithful
  • 2 Ne. 31:20 (32:3) press forward, feasting upon the w. of Christ
  • 2 Ne. 33:10 they are the w. of Christ
  • Alma 5:7 their souls were illuminated by the light of the everlasting w.
  • Alma 12:10 not harden his heart, to him is given the greater portion of the w.
  • Alma 12:14 our w. will condemn us
  • Alma 26:13 because of the power of his w.
  • Alma 32:23 he imparteth his w. by angels
  • Alma 32:28 compare the w. unto a seed
  • Alma 32:40 if ye will not nourish the w. … ye can never pluck of the fruit of the tree of life
  • Alma 34:5 question … whether the w. be in the Son of God
  • Alma 36:26 because of the w. which he has imparted unto me
  • Alma 37:44 w. of Christ, which will point to you a straight course
  • Alma 41:12 is the meaning of the w. restoration to take a thing
  • Alma 61:14 let us resist evil … with our w.

Consider studying Revelation as well.

(May 2006 TG Entry: Word)

I             Other References

This topic was intended to be combined with the next topic “Word of God”.  These scriptures are to be moved under those verses.

God’s thoughts



  • Deut. 4:2 not add unto the w. which I command you
  • Deut. 18:18 (Isa. 51:16) will put my w. in his mouth
  • Mark 4:14 sower soweth the w.
  • Mark 16:20 confirming the w. with signs following
  • Acts 10:36 w. which God sent unto the children of Israel
  • 2 Tim. 4:2 Preach the w.
  • Angels too Heb. 2:2 if the w. spoken by angels was stedfast
  • Interesting 2 Pet. 1:19 (D&C 131:5) We have also a more sure w. of prophecy


Held accountable

Needs to Include Actions


  • John 5:24 He that heareth my w., and believeth


  • Job 35:16 he multiplieth w. without knowledge
  • Prov. 17:27 He that hath knowledge spareth his w.
  • Prov. 25:11 w. fitly spoken is like apples of gold
  • Jer. 23:36 have perverted the w. of the living God
  • Mark 8:38 (Luke 9:26) Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my w.
  • 1 Tim. 6:3 consent not to wholesome w., even the w. of our Lord
  • 2 Tim. 2:17 their w. will eat as doth a canker
  • Heb. 4:2 w. preached did not profit them


  • Eccl. 5:2 let thy w. be few
  • Micah 2:7 do not my w. do good to him that walketh uprightly
  • 1 Cor. 14:19 rather speak five w. with my understanding
  • James 1:21 receive with meekness the engrafted w.
  • 1 Ne. 17:26 by his w. the waters of the Red Sea were divided
  • Jacob 2:8 w. which healeth the wounded soul
  • Enos 1:3 w. which I had often heard my father speak
  • Mosiah 4:30 watch … your thoughts, and your w.
  • Mosiah 15:11 those who have hearkened unto their w. … are his seed
  • Hel. 10:5 done unto thee according to thy w.
  • Morm. 9:17 miracle that by his w. the heaven and the earth should be
  • Ether 4:9 at my w. the earth shall shake
  • Ether 12:23 hast made us mighty in w. by faith
  • D&C 1:38 my w. shall not pass away
  • D&C 3:7 despise his w.
  • D&C 5:6 deliver my w. unto the children of men
  • D&C 6:2 (11:2; 12:2; 14:2; 33:1) give heed unto my w.
  • D&C 11:21 first seek to obtain my w.
  • D&C 11:22 study my w. which hath gone forth
  • D&C 18:34 These w. are not of men nor of man, but of me
  • D&C 21:5 his w. ye shall receive, as if from mine own mouth
  • D&C 50:17 sent forth to preach the w. of truth
  • D&C 64:31 my w. are sure and shall not fail
  • D&C 84:44 live by every w. that proceedeth forth from the mouth of God
  • D&C 89:1 W. of Wisdom, for the benefit of the council
  • D&C 93:8 in the beginning the W. was
  • D&C 130:11 new name is the key w.
  • D&C 132:12 no man shall come unto the Father but by me or by my w.
  • D&C 136:24 let your w. tend to edifying one another
  • D&C 138:37 they through the ministration of his servants might also hear his w.
  • Moses 1:4 my w. … never cease
  • Moses 1:32 by the w. of my power, have I created them
  • Moses 4:30 my w. cannot return void
  • Moses 6:59 enjoy the w. of eternal life in this world
  • JS-M 1:37 whoso treasureth up my w., shall not be deceived.


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