God, Family of

(August 2006)

This is a tremendous quote from Elder McConkie:

Immortality, by definition and in its nature, is to live everlastingly with a body of flesh and bones; it is to be resurrected; it is to have body and spirit inseparably connected. Eternal life, on the other hand, is, for one thing, to live eternally in the family unit and, for another thing, to inherit, possess, and receive the dignity, honor, power, and glory of God himself. Anyone for whom the family unit continues in eternity will have eternal life, and in process of time he will acquire all the dignity, honor, glory, power, might, and omnipotence that the Eternal Father possesses.  (“Joseph Smith: A Revealer of Christ” Bruce R. McConkie, BYU fireside address 3 September 1978.  )

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