Simple Map of Early Christ Travels

This simple map depicts the travels of the Savior through the first Passover during his ministry.  The distance of Jerusalem to Nazareth is 68 miles, Jerusalem to Capernaum 80 Miles.  3 – 4 days at 20 pluse miles a day on foot.

nt-map-1-2.jpgA. Trip to Bethlehem (Luke 2)

B. To Egypt with Joseph, Mary (Matt. 2:14)

C. Back to Nazareth, (Matt. 2:23)

D. To the Passover as a young man (Luke 2:42-51)

E. Return from Passover, parents miss him

F. To be baptized.  (John 1:28, Matt 3:13)

G. Fasting and temptation in the wilderness (Mark 1:12)

H. Back to John, and talks with John the Beloved and Andrew (John 1:29, 35 – 42)

I. To wedding feast (John 1:43 – 2:11)

J. To Capernaum (John 2:12)

K. To Jerusalem Passover (John 2:13)

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