Topic Study: Work

(August 2008)

David Stanley, “The Principle of Work,” Ensign, May 1993, 44

“We are becoming the world experts in meeting, thinking, planning, and organizing about working the work, but we need to do it. We need to work.

While many are sitting and saying and even shouting great swelling words of marginal effectiveness, hard-working Latter-day Saints will always be found diligently doing and delivering potatoes to their neighbors. Contrary to the belief of many, “Say” and “Sit” will never replace “Diligently Do.” When you accept an assignment or commit to work for someone, work for them. Your integrity to that commitment will follow you throughout life. Any group of young men in any quorum knows who the workers are—those hallowed, quiet few who simply know how to get it done. My young friends of the Aaronic Priesthood, say less and do more. Get it done.”

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