Christmas Highlights

The highlights from our Christmas holiday include:
-Grandma and Grandpa’s visit
-Lots of weird weather; snow, extreme cold, freezing rain, heavy fog, warm rain, flooding
-Krista getting stuck in the airport and taking 24 hours (and three plane transfers to make it home)
-Our annual Christmas party with adult friends. Lots of laughter and visiting. A new yummy recipe for Chicken Wellington.
-Kip gets a new car– an Infiniti G35x and Krista inherits his old one. She is thrilled that she doesn’t have to rely on other people to do her grocery shopping now.

One thought on “Christmas Highlights

  1. Hi Kari, Was going through Christmas cards and saw your blog address. I loved reading about your family and the many things you are all involved in. I really loved visiting your book site. I have a stack to read right now, but will be back when I need a good book. Remember when we were teenagers and you were late getting home one night and your mom said something like “You had two more pages before I came looking for you!” We all thought that was so funny, but I totally understand what she meant now!Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and let you know it was fun visiting your life for a couple of minutes. Hope all is well. Enjoy the extra time to yourself. It will surely never last!Love ya, Colleen


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