Spring Break Trip to Florida

Things we loved about our family vacation:

#1 The Hyatt Grand Cypress in Orlando.

-Huge swimming pools, water slides, hot tubs
-Outdoor activities: biking, golfing, paddle boats, rock climbing
-The Hyatt Regency club: Free Breakfast & Dinner. What a time & money saver!
– Newly remodeled room with a beautiful view. We were the first guests to stay in the room.
#2 Magic Kingdom
We started the day early and hit all the “must do” rides (Splash Mountain, Buzz Lightyear, Winnie the Pooh, etc.) then returned to the hotel for naps and a movie. After an early dinner we were back at the park about 7 pm and found the lines much smaller. We couldn’t believe it but we didn’t leave the park until almost 1 a.m. Abby even got to see her High School band perform. The highlight of the evening was Quinn getting to drive the boat on the Safari Cruise and they even gave him a “driver’s license” to bring home.
#3 Epcot
-Soarin’ was amazing (and worth the marriage testing argument we had over getting the fast pass tickets).
-Abby loved the British Invasion band. Quinn’s favorite was the Kim Impossible mystery that he solved using a cool cell phone. He loved it so much that asked to do it in three different countries. The Japanese drummers were Kip’s favorite. Emma enjoyed the ride in the “golf ball” that used cool photos and computer technology. A great day!
#4 Kip and the Mouse Ears

-He was a great sport and let Abby take his picture with every Mickey hat we saw. The slide show made us laugh so hard we hurt!


Quinn was in heaven with all the Lego models. We had a good time picking out his cup of assorted parts and a lego tractor set.

#6 The Orlando Temple

#7 Great time together.

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