What a great experience to attend LDS training week at Philmont Boy Scout Ranch!
We were there July 2nd through 9th and enjoyed lots of great activities and people. 

Quinn had a great time with his group of 8 year old scouts.  
His favorite things were pony rides, archery,and hiking.  
He also enjoyed throwing hatchets with his dad.  
Quinn earned a bunch of scout patches and belt loops and got a great start on scouting.



Emma spent the week on the mountain.  Her cousin Sophie went with her.  
It was hard and DIRTY. The highlight was climbing the highest peak
(Mt. Baldy) with their packs.  It was an empowering experience for these great fourteen year old girls.    It was a really fun welcoming party that met all the mountaineering groups as they marched into camp. This picture is with General YM President David Beck and General Primary President Rosemary Wixsom. 


Kip and I especially enjoyed the sunrise hike to Lover’s Leap.
We all have great memories from our week at Philmont and are
very grateful for the experience.


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