Scripture Study: Moses Chapter 1

The spirit that accompanies the last half of chapter 1 of the book of Moses is quite remarkable. God’a kindness and patience with Moses is evident. Some questions:

  • How can Christ speak as if the father and still be humble?
  • How does he know what to say?  
  • Has he heard his father day these things before to someone else?  
  • Or is it simple that he recognized the role of Son and Only Begotten Son are titles or positions that he holds for some reason, that perhaps others hold or have held.

On Jan 22, 2014, at 6:59 AM,

Why would satan make such a bold appearance before Moses? Because he sensed Moses was weak? Because he wanted to be like God and have such an impact as God just had?

It seems it was a terrible mistake on his part. Although satan is very powerful, and very knowledgeable because he is under no veil, because he is not perfect, he makes mistakes. That should give us hope.

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