Commitments are critical to real success because they extract our finest efforts.

“Suppose one day they told high jump contestants – today there are no crossbars – just go out on the field and jump your highest and we have a laser gun that will measure it. Would the contestants reach their greatest heights? Somehow we know they would not because there is something about that crossbar that extracts from the contestant every last bit of physical energy and strength he or she possesses.

“So it is with covenants – they are spiritual crossbars, they extract every last bit of our spiritual strength and energy and in so doing lift us to higher spiritual plateaus.

“Covenants are also reservoirs of strength. Sometimes when all other resources are stripped from us, it is our commitments, our covenants that sustain us in our hour of need.”  (Quote from presentation on the importance of the Temple to the LDS Fort Worth Coordinating Council)

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