Sidney Gilbert, Section 53, and Being Quiet

Sidney Gilbert’s life (1) gives the impression he was a quiet man, as described by Susan Cain (2). I think Heber C. Kimball’s comments might reflect a momentary lack of appreciation for introverts (3).

The following talk is a classic, and very relevant. After referring to the great acts of Heber and others, the author says, “But I should like now and here to say a few words about those who trod after where those giants led, some in the same companies that the Brethren piloted, some in later companies following that year and the years after, some in the fateful handcarts, with their unexcelled devotion, heroism, and faith….I would like to say something about the last wagon.”

Those in the last wagon (or in the first wagon as well) may be quiet, but there is a particular kind of strength there, a value to every enterprise that should not be overlooked. We may appreciated section 53 more fully by considering it’s applicability to those who are quiet.

(1) D&C Section 53 Directed to Sidney Gilbert
(2) Susan Cain’s thoughts on the power of introverts
(3) Comment on Sidney Gilbert Revelation.

To Them of the Last Wagon – Ensign July 1997 – ensign

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