Malachi and Savior’s Commentary Compared

I noted that the Savior in his visit to the Nephites as recorded in the Book of Mormon, 3rd Nephi and in chapters 24 and 25 quotes Malachi.  I was taught by a Book of Mormon teacher that whenever Book of Mormon authors quoted Isaiah, that would “Tell us what they were going to tell us, then tell it to us [by quoting Isaiah], and then tell us what they told us.”  In this instance, the Savior has quoted and explained a lot of Isaiah’s words, in Chapters 20, 21, and 22.  But he does not seem to do that with his quotations of Malachi.

I then read his commentary in 3 Nephi 21, and noted there were many similarities between it and the words of Malachi.  This analysis compares, in order, those two books, seeing that there are certain similarities in themes between them, in the same order.

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