Important Parties and the Intertestamental Period

The NIV Study Bible entry on the Intertestimental Period helped me formulate the table below.

Party Name Sadducees Pharisees Essenes
Centered In Temple Synagogue Wilderness
Writing Focus Torah Only “Law” Dead Sea Scrolls
Power Base Greek Gov’t. Common People Outcasts
Mindset Nation/State Diaspora Separate
Description Ruling Class, including the High Priest, corruptly dependent on Greek Rule, and jealous of Christ’s popularity Became the Rabbis. Built a “wall” around the Law to protect the people in Diaspora state. Some integration with the world Called out of the world, little formal influence, might have included John the Baptist and Lehi, and the Savior
Likening to Today High Priest like today’s Prophet or locally like the temple president, yet dependent upon government authority for position The diaspora mindset makes them like the Stakes of the current church, scattered, and having to integrate with gentiles in some ways simply to survive and to spread the truth Rejecting the temple as corrupt, and the integration with society as polluting, they separate themselves and attempt to work completely out of the system frameworks, like some apostate groups today

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