Flower Mound Texas Post Oak Park Scout Orienteering Course

The following are charts that can be used to teach much of Orienteering Merit Badge within Flower Mound, Texas.

Here is a link to the orienteering merit badge requirements. There are also requirements for both 2nd Class and 1st Class that deal with Orienteering.

The below can be used to fulfill most all the requirements except for the MB requirements 9 and 10:

“9. Act as an official during an orienteering event. This may be during the running of the course you set up for requirement

“10. Teach orienteering techniques to your patrol, troop, or crew.”

Running this training course twice and having older boys teach the younger boys can fulfill these requirements.

Here is an adequate compass for doing this merit badge.

Additional links to resources are listed at the bottom of this post.

Start with this map, to have the participants point out features on a map, how to orient it, and generally what it contains. You’ll teach them more about the symbols later.

Next have them learn how to pace themselves for distance.

For one of the required courses, have them do this one, which includes no map; simply orienteering coordinates, starting at the end of the pacing point (point 332 ft above). If done correctly, they should end up between the playground pillars, in the park. This page can be cut up and handed out; the key to the course is on the following graphic.

Here are orienteering symbols used on the following maps.

Here is a course within Post Oak Park. I used different shape paper punches at each spot to have them mark their score card to prove they found the point.

Here is another course (3rd) laid out in the entry way to Twin Coves, just down the street from Post Oak Part.

Here is another version of that same map.

Here is the underlying Google Map’s image used to build that graphic.

You can print and cut out these pages for score sheets for the last two courses.

Here are some additional links to resources:

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