When Christ comes again, it will be the conclusion of terrible destruction throughout the world.

Some, often the oppressed, believe the destruction will have been his retribution for all the pains he suffered. And surely that is true, for the scriptures say so.

But as I survey his life, as an obscure child in a forgotten part of the Roman Empire, to his death upon the cross suffering all that others saw fit to put upon him, I don’t subscribe to that thinking if it is to describe him as vindictive, angry, or unloving.

A central message to his life was that he was blameless of any of the afflictions he suffered. And I believe at that day, having paid such a terrible price to be blameless, he will not part with that holy title.

Even at the second coming, he will be blameless.

None of those who suffer at the Second Coming will be able to point at him, and say he is the cause of their sufferings. God, in his infinite wisdom and power, will have known how the laws of the universe will create the conditions where the wicked will punish the wicked (see Mormon 4:5); with such perfect resolution that none of the wicked will be left to claim victory.

And through it all, God, our Savior, Jesus Christ, will be blameless.

Those who profess to follow him, to have taken upon them his name, who desire to be his daughters and sons, would do well to strive to be like him.