Peter: A Witness

A Witness

"Peace, be still!" to the sea he did cry.

He calmed the waves; my fears all did fly.

The words filled with power, and yet so much peace,

I watched him help sinners their sinning to cease.

"All ye that labor," he said consoling.

He seem to be inviting, uplifting, enfolding.

He felt the pain, and knew about life

And swallowed all worldly hatred and strife.

"Lazarus, come forth!" he commanded as God.

What power!  What strength!  We witnessed with awe.

As the dead arose, the blind could see;

I was whole, yet he touched even me.

"Oh ye of little faith," he chided; I fell;

I stepped from the boat, I feared the great swell.

He took my hand, the change was abrupt,

More power than me and he lifted me up.

"I am the light," the way he has shown,

A life which darkness wanted to own.

He wounded the dark, striking death to it's cry

I knew I would live even after I die.

"Take, eat," he handed me food for my soul,

I ate, was blessed, and again was made whole.

My wounds washed clean, my spirit relieved

As I ate, I knew he was whom I received.

"Lovest thou me?" his query, it hurt

He had warned, I denied, my witness I shirked.

I was pained, I wept and repented the deed.

Forgiving, his lambs I was invited to feed.

I was not there when he entered this sphere

The great Jehovah, the child so dear.

It must have been peaceful, his spirit so bright

Hope for the world, on so blessed a night.

While with drink and sin many "honor" this man

He would not approve, they're not in his great plan.

He would have us walk and bless as he did,

All the poor among us, and truly to give.

"In your home this eve," I think Peter might tell,

"The spirit of Christmas is not to buy or to sell,

But to savor the peace--the quiet respite--

The knowledge of him can bring to this night."

Kip M. Twitchell                    December 1991

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