Children’s Poems for Mother’s Day

I think Krista helped me write this for Mother’s Day, 1993:

My mother makes my Sunday clothes
My mother always wipes my nose
My mother makes great "peanut" lunch
My mother stops when Abby I punch

My mother teaches songs to me
My mother reads the books I see
My mother in the park will play
My mother's with me every day

My mother helped my body make
My mother helped my soul awake
My mother to me life did give
Thanks mother, for helping me life to live

Love Krista


I don’t think Abby helped with the wording, but certainly provided all the inspiration:

I give kisses
I give hugs
I give messes
I give slugs

I like mother
More than dad
Don't want no other
When feeling sad

You will see
What I can be
Thanks for being
Mom to me

Love Abby

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