Topic Study: History of the Church

(October 2004)


The following summarizes the significant periods in modern church history.  Note that church activity in Missouri runs concurrent with much of the Kirtland period.

I             Missouri Timeline and Church Periods

Date Church Period   Date Missouri Period Details
April 6 1830 Palmyra, NY       Organization of the Church
Feb. 1831 Kirtland, OH.       Joseph arrives in Kirtland
      7 June 1831 Jackson County Call for missionaries to Missouri (D&C 52)
      July 1831   Colesville Saints Arrive
      2, 3 Aug 1831   Land and Temple Site Dedicated
      Nov – Dec 1833   Expulsion from Jackson County
      Jan 1834 Clay County Saints settle in Clay County
      Feb – July 1834   Zion’s Camp
      27 Mar 1836   Kirtland Temple dedicated
      Summer 1836 Caldwell and Daviess County Far West settled
      26 Dec 1836   Caldwell County created
12 Jan 1838 Far West, Mo.       Joseph leaves Kirtland
          Joseph imprisoned in Liberty
      27 Oct 1838   Extermination Order issued
1839 Nauvoo, IL       Joseph arrives in Quincy
      27 Jun 1844   Joseph killed
Feb 1846 Winter Quarters, NE       Brigham leaves Nauvoo
24 July 1847 Salt Lake City, UT       Brigham arrives in Salt Lake Valley


Initial writing finished July 2004

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