Topic Study: God, Foreknowledge of

(June 2005 TG Entry: God, Foreknowledge of)

I             God is Perfect in Faith

As I prayed one night I had a new thought.  I prayed that the Lord might guide me in my work to do the right things.  I said, “Thou knowest the end from the beginning, Lord, please show me the way.  Help me to have faith.”  I realized that God was perfect in faith, and that perhaps his knowledge of the end was based upon faith in a sense.  His faith is so perfect that it is knowledge, yet perhaps it is still faith.  He knows the end by having faith in the end result.  Although he exists independent of time, he has started this little experiment going here called this universe with this earth as part of it.  It runs independently.  But like watching a top spin on a table, and if we knew and could comprehend in a moment all the forces acting upon it, we could see were it would end up, God knows the end from the beginning by faith.

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