’08 Headlines: July, August, September

Kip had a really great opportunity to watch the US Olympic trials in Omaha. He went with his friend Frank whose daughter was swimming in the trials. They had a lot of laughs and enjoyed some spectacular swimming events. It really made the Olympics in China all the more exciting for all of us.

July was EFY for Abby and Girls Camp for Kari & Abby. Kari worked in the kitchen and Abby was a Stake Youth Leader.

Emma and Kari also spent a couple of days in Cedar City, Utah with some of the female relatives in Kari’s family. We met to donate Great-Grandma Redd’s beaded “vestie” to the historical musuem in Parowan where she was born. It was great to be together and we loved attending two plays at the Utah Shakespeare Festival.

August was our 22nd wedding anniversary. We have always wanted to go to Mackinac Island, Michigan and so we took advantage of Krista being home for the summer and left for a few days. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery and being together. Mackinac doesn’t allow motor vehicles so we took our bikes and explored the island. Our bed & breakfast was very quiet and restful. We even went dancing at the Grand Hotel. (Remember the movie “Somewhere in Time”). The Grand also has one of the longest front porches in the world.

Kip really loves driving so we ended up driving completely around lake Michigan. (1220 total miles). The Upper Penisula was like a different country and even has it’s own vocabulary. The shipping locks at Sault St. Marie were interesting as were the many water falls. We enjoyed another very lovely Bed and Breakfast and had a great time together.

In August Krista headed back to BYU. New schools for Quinn and Emma and lots of color guard practice for Abby.

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