’08 Headlines: April, May, June

The winter was COLD. We thought spring would never get here. But, I have a friend who loves to work in her yard and she helped me make a plan for our yard. We spent a lot of time this spring buying and planting new bushes, trees & flowers. It is really coming together.

The first week in May Kip and I went to New York City for four days. It was a reward trip from Kip’s employer. Highlights were some amazing restaurants, a boat trip around Manhattan, dinner and a show at the “Blue Note” jazz club, and three broadway plays. It was very memorable.

In June, Quinn graduated from preschool and Emma graduated from Elementary school. Our stake youth did a pioneer reenactment trek. Abby found it to be very hard but very rewarding.

Our family vacation this year was a trip to Cedar Point in Ohio. It is an amusement park, water park & beach. We rented a great little cabin near the park and had a blast. Emma surprised us all by going on every roller coaster (and they have some of the world’s fastest and highest coasters). Best of all it was a time for us to be together and get some rest.

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