’08 Headlines: January, February, March

January was spent finishing up our kitchen remodel. It is so nice to have new appliances. I absolutely love the extra space on the countertops and cabinets. My favorite thing is the Brazilian Cherry floors. They are a fabulous variegated color. On the down side, this floor is are harder to keep clean than the old floor (because they are darker in color) but I still love them.
It was a long time coming, and a lot of work but we are thrilled to have it completed.

Krista’s boyfriend, Alex, spend a lot of time with us. He helped on the kitchen, was a huge part of Abby getting her 50 hours of practice drive time and really became a part of our family. One of Alex’s passions is cars and he has taught us how much we really don’t know about cars. Krista came home for his mission farewell and he left in April for the San Fernando CA (Spanish speaking) mission.

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